To partner with us simply click on the link and follow the steps mentioned under Become a Partner

You have to pay ₹ 1,000 as subscription charges for becoming a FFS Partner

Payment mode via RTGS

Bank Name: Punjab National Bank


Account Number: 1120102100000026

IFSC Code: PUNB0112010


  1. Click on register now
  2. Fill in the details
  3. Download the empanelment form and fill in the details along with the signature
  4. Mail all the documents along with the Empanelment form to


Documents Required:

  1. Copy of Pan Card
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card
  3. Copy of Address Proof (Passport/Electricity Bill/Bank Passbook)
  4. Copy of Payment Receipt
  5. Copy of ARN, IRDA & NISM Certificates


  1. No, it is not. You would be getting a workbook (Soft Copy – PDF format) from NISM to refer.
  2. The online mock tests are available to increase your confidence in clearing the exam.
  3. 2-3 hours of study for 6 to 8 days would certainly help to clear the exam.

As per the current regulation validity of the certification is 3 years.

Absolutely not. Subscription charges are the only charges charged at the time of enrollment and there are no renewal charges.

On enrollment as an FFS Partner, one can immediately start distribution of Mutual Funds, PMS, FD, bonds, Insurance and other Asset Class (which will be communicated from time to time)

You will function as an independent distributor and will have the ownership of your clients. You would function as a sub-broker and engage in promoting and distributing financial and other products through FFS to your clientele.

Your relation with FFS is continuous and never ending. Relationship can be terminated by you at any point of time. However, it is very rare that you may need to end your relationship. FFS can terminate relationship based on any breach of policy or for any other valid / legal reasons.

Once your documents , empanelment form and payment receipt is submitted post that your account will be setup with FFS, an email will be shared to your registered email ID along with the Credentials of your User ID & Password

To unlock your account, kindly send email from your registered email ID to

You can send an email from your registered email ID to or raise a ticket

The empanelment procedure takes 7-10 working days if all the details furnished by you are in line with the requirements.

You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to serve and support you at all times.

You could furnish the new details along with proofs, wherever required to your RM.


Yes mutual funds can be purchased on behalf of a minor as well. The details of the guardian of the Minor would also be required to be furnished. Additional documents would also be required, which would be mentioned as a part of the instructions/guidelines/checklist along with the application form.

The minimum amount that is to be invested depends on the schemes that he wishes to invest in. Please make sure that your client and you read the memorandum accompanying the application form carefully before proceeding to invest in a particular scheme.

Most mutual funds offer dividends however it is not mandatory for them to give out dividends. Dividends are declared in mutual fund schemes from time to time subject to availability of distributable surplus.

Usually AMCs provide the following options with respect to dividends:

  • Growth – No dividends are paid out, gains made by the scheme are ploughed back into it. This gain is reflected in the NAV of the scheme, which rises over time
  • Dividends payout – Profits made by the scheme are given to investors at periodic intervals and are not reinvested in the fund
  • Dividends reinvested – Any dividend paid out by the fund is automatically ploughed back into buying additional units of the scheme from the dividend amount at the prevailing NAV (ex-dividend) of the scheme.


If your client has chosen dividend payments at fixed duration then it would be paid out as agreed by him while applying for the mutual funds. As prescribed by SEBI, AMC’s are allowed 30 calendar days for making the dividend payment. The dividends may be paid out in the form of warrants or directly credited to your client’s bank account.

Client can nominate a person to whom the Mutual Funds units can be transmitted from the company in case of demise of the unit holder. To avail this facility, your client will have to mention the nominee’s details in the nomination application form. Please assist your client to fill the nomination details in the form available on the company’s website and submit the form to us for onward forwarding to the Registrar

AMCs are very particular about the information provided to them at the time of redemption. They verify the redemption request with the information provided at the time of investment in the same scheme. Your client’s rejection request could have got rejected due to any of the following reasons:

  • Mismatch of in the signature of sole/all or any one of the unit holders.
  • Redemption Units are higher than units held.


Yes mutual funds can be purchased on behalf of a minor as well. The details of the guardian of the Minor would also be required to be furnished. Additional documents would also be required, which would be mentioned as a part of the instructions/guidelines/checklist along with the application form.

It is imperative to fill in your as well as FFS Advisor code correctly on any form that is submitted. This may get further complicated, if another IFD receives the credit in case of wrong code. The following steps are taken in such case:

  • The IFD whose code is missing, or wrongly mentions, notifies us at informing us about the said error. This has to be accompanied with a valid proof.
  • In case another IFD has been paid on account of wrong code, he is intimated and a reversal is initiated.
  • Once the reversal is received, the same is updated in our records, as well intimated to the Registrars.
  • Post that, the correct credit is carried out in the IFD’s brokerage. The above process may take a few weeks.


Hence we always recommend that the IFD verifies and ensure correctness of the code on the application forms before submitting them.

In case of any such issues, you may write to


Yes, you can avail the nomination facility for Partner account with FFS. Any amount payable to a Partner in respect of the commissions pertaining to the business done shall be accrued to the nominee in the unfortunate event of death. You can state your nominee in Nomination Form provided to you at the time of empanelment. You could download it from the form center of our website.

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